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rpm just started calling me about 4 days ago...i didnt know who was calling because they only let ir ring like 2 times then hang up and no message.I decided to call back and after about 20 rings a guy named brandon answered the phone.

I asked who it was and immediately he says "why are you calling"? I said well u all have been calling me and hanging up so I wanted to know who it was. He explained that I owe windstream from dec 2011. I told him I was unaware of that and he said well we have sent you 5 bills out!?

I told him they absolutely have not sent 5 bills out and could they send another one. he said well what makes me think your going to pay after already sending 5 and not paying?

he was very rude laughing at me and arguing and wouldnt give me any information about the bill.I will be calling windstream to figure this out and not dealing with rude rpm employees.

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